InterHab is dedicated to bringing about bold change for Kansans with developmental disabilities

Our staff and membership take seriously the responsibility to work with local, state, and federal policymakers to ensure that all Kansans with developmental disabilities have the opportunities to live inclusive lives as independently as possible.

Much has been accomplished over the last 40+ years, but with each new political era comes new challenges.  We are focused on ensuring that community supports and services providers have the necessary tools and funding to provide quality life experiences and outcomes for the Kansas I/DD community.  And, we are focused on holding the State accountable to its requirements under state and federal law.

The 2017 InterHab Legislative Platform

+ Increase HCBS reimbursement rates
     —  Rates are the lifeblood of all home and community-based services in Kansas
     —  Rates have not been increased since FY 2008
     —  Purchase power of the current rates is 13% lower than it was in FY 2008
     —  Several I/DD providers have stopped taking new clients, and others have closed down

+ Stop the ADRC RFP
     —  KDADS issued a new RFP that would dramatically change HCBS intake processes
     —  Stakeholders were not involved in the formation of the new intake processes
     —  Legislators were not advised of new policies prior to announcement of the RFP
     —  New intake processes have the potential to force Kansans with I/DD to travel prohibitive
           distances to access necessary services.