On July 1, Governor Kelly swept a long awaited and much-needed increase in IDD funding in order to fill a financial hole created by the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on the Kansas economy. Federal relief funding and legislation for COVID-19 so far has been inadequate for the IDD system, so these funds – which had been approved this year by the Kansas Legislature for IDD services – represented the only solid form of relief that could be relied upon to ensure everyone would get through the pandemic safely.

We won’t give up. We still need your help.

Kansans with IDD are much more susceptible to serious complications from COVID-19 than the general public and IDD support professionals (DSPs) have taken heroic measures to shield them. Oftentimes pivotal decisions are required by DSPs that could result in life or death situations: when to call an ambulance, how to ensure correct medication is given, what to do to ensure the health and safety of the people they serve during potentially high-stress situations, etc. DSPs must be well trained and well supported. These workers are expected to develop all of these needed skills and carry out a range of complicated tasks while making considerably less than a living wage.

The crisis is far from over and we need to create opportunities by engaging with our friends, families, communities and especially policymakers to raise awareness and get their pledge of support. Please sign up with us to get our Action Alerts, help us raise awareness through social media, and learn how we can work together to recover from this Crisis in Care

Let's work together to urge Governor Kelly to find a way to restore these needed funds.

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